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This is a crochet pattern for an amigurumi Dorid Nudibranch (sea slug). It is anatomically accurate to a real dorid nudibranch - it has a tail under the skirt, rhinophores (the antennae) and gills (the butt fluff). There is room for imagination in the color choice, skirt size, and decorative markings.


It is written in US terminology, has been tested, and includes photos for some pattern steps. There is also an image-free printer friendly version of the pattern. I try to make all my amigurumi patterns as minimal in sewing as possible- in this pattern the only sewing is to attach the rhinophores, gills, and to close up the bottom of the body. Everything else is join-as-you-go.


I used a 4mm hook and worsted weight yarn which got me a sea slug about 6-7” long and 3-4” tall. You can use any combination of yarn and hook as long as you get a tight gauge that’ll hold the stuffing in. I used 4 colors of yarn in mine, this can be varied to more or less as you like.


Materials : worsted weight yarn (approx 4 colors), 4mm hook, stuffing, tapestry needle


Stitches : ch, sl st, sk, sc, hdc, inc, dec, FLO, BLO

PATTERN - Sea Slug - Dorid Nudibranch Amigurumi


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